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Outlook Traveller: We are India's No. 1 travel magazine. For 15 years and over 180 issues, we've been bringing the world to our dedicated readers in the country, and uncovering hidden gems within this awe-inspiring and beautiful country of ours. Our writers range far, wide and deep to bring you elegant, quirky and stylish travel writing. We tell you travel stories that are authentic, and give you an unique insight into places, people and cultures. We pride ourselves in telling stories that will get your feet itching to get out and travel!

Active Holiday Company: At the Active Holiday Company we divide the world into 'our kinda' travellers and the rest of the world. Quite simply our travellers love to do more. Our trips are for those who want to do the different. We offer real experiences, as we take the back roads, camp in the wild or stop at a local home or stay in a lesser-known family-run vintage homes. On our trips you'd stop for a beer tasting at that indiscreet brewery or get a cooking lesson along the way, discover quaint street cafes, glide past little known villages, soak in the scenery and stop to chat with the locals, thus adding a dash of adventure to your life.

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Outlook Publishing India Private Limited is not responsible for the acts or omissions of other parties. Outlook Traveller, part of Outlook Publishing India Private Limited offers Outlook Traveller Bespoke Journeys as part of a marketing agreement and is only as a brand sponsor. The trip described on the Outlook Traveller website or in the brochure is provided by Active Holiday Company, a company owned by Turtle Trips Private Limited.

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