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Inspirations for a winter weekend travel from Kolkata

Looking for some weekend destinations—near Kolkata—to visit during winter? Here is a photo-essay to help you plan.

Bishnupur, the former capital of the Malla dynasty of Bengal is famous for many things—terracotta art, baluchari saris, folk crafts, especially the ganjifa cards, now extant Bishnupuri gharana of music, etc. Easily reached from Kolkata, by road (150km) and rail (200km), Bishnupur is a pleasant weekend destination. An art and culture festival is held during the Christmas week. One of the biggest attractions here are the temples built between late 16th and early 19th centuries. The richly sculpted terracotta temples (of which the Shyam Rai temple is one) speak highly of the artisans of Bengal. Note the variety of roofs and spires used to accentuate the architectural styles. The story-telling silk baluchari saris will please the ethnic buyer.

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