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Aamchi Mumbai city guide

Mumbai city guide

Aamchi Mumbai city guide
548 pages
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Mumbai — India’s most vibrant city, boasting the best street food, the busiest nightlife, the liveliest markets, and the world’s most colourful cinema… Outlook Traveller Getaways Mumbai City Guide takes both citizens and travelers on a discovery tour of the twin cities of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Mumbai City Guide is a must-have book for a holistic picture of all that Mumbai offers — from dining and nightlife, to discovery tours of heritage districts, vibrant bazaars, seaside trails and, of course, Bollywood! Outlook Traveller’s Mumbai Guide has the distinction of being written entirely by well-known Mumbai-based writers, with their expert recommendations across 13 chapters in 5 sections. All of these will be accompanied by photos and detailed illustrated maps in this visually rich guide, according to the unique style of Outlook Traveller Getaways, India’s best produced, and award-winning guide books. Book size: 544 pages Content Brief The guide is in five broad sections — Part 1, Mumbai and Mumbaikars on the Go encompasses the best eating out, nightlife, shopping and entertainment; in short, where Mumbai parties. It also has special features on tracking Bollywood in its home city, and on the Great Outdoors, where Mumbai plays. Part 2, People, places and the spirit of Mumbai reintroduces the heritage of Mumbai to Mumbai’s people, through 10 unmissable trails, which take the reader back to places which evoke the past and still continue to have a vibrant present, such as Fort, Dalal Street and Mohammed Ali Road. Mumbai is famous for its religious places of syncretic faith where Mumbaikars of all backgrounds worship. We visit each of these and Mumbai’s famous festivals, from kite flying during Sankranti to best spots for Ramazan iftar. We also look at the many communities of India’s most cosmopolitan city, and their contributions to culinary and festive traditions that are now Mumbai’s own. Part 3, The lowdown on Mumbai’s twin city, Navi Mumbai, written by a local. A capsule on eating out, nightlife, shopping, leisure and all that the twin city offers. Number of pages: 25 Part 4, Where there’s a city, its people need weekend getaways. This chapter Escaping Mumbai visits ten rejuvenating spots near Mumbai. Part 5, This comprehensive information section covers transport within and getting out of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, an extensive accommodation listing, and helplines for every number you need in Mumbai. Blowout Map — Our Mumbai City Guide is accompanied by a first-of-its-kind fold-out, beautifully illustrated and highly detailed map of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.